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QuirkLogic Boost Creativity in Business

Creative ideas are at the core of innovation. Research done by Adobe finds that while 8 in 10 people feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth, only 3 of 10 feel we are living up to our creative potential. In the same survey, respondents say businesses that invest in creativity are more likely to have happier employees (88%) and increased employee productivity (88%). So, innovation and all kinds of downstream benefits can happen if companies can figure out how to create an environment where creativity thrives.

What does it take to get creative? Science tells us that what we really need to be creative are pen-based tools that trigger our reticular activating system, according to author Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser, and help us focus and increase our fluid thoughts, especially during the conceptualization phase of innovation. So, we fill our spaces with whiteboards, write-on walls, and markers so teams are inspired to write out their thoughts. But what happens when teams need to collaboratively iterate on these ideas and share with others to evolve them? Traditional tools are simple to use but not digital, which makes the important steps of saving ideas for future access and continued collaboration plagued with inefficiencies.

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For instance, people turn the information into digital formats in an unregulated way, typically using personal devices to capture pictures of the content. People don’t always remember to share their photos with others, might lose them, or worse yet push copies into personal cloud storage places. Sometimes “Do Not Erase” is posted – a tactic fraught with risk as other teams enter the huddle room or the evening clean-up crew arrives.

Sometimes companies invest in technologies that promise benefits of a better brainstorm experience and streamlined content capture via electronic or virtual whiteboards, but these technologies can be complex. Often the tool doesn’t fit the work or is too hard to startup and use, so it gets abandoned. Furthermore, many tools do not support writing as we know it — that natural feel of “pen on paper” that’s so intuitive, actually uses more of the brain, and fuels a team’s creative momentum.

It’s Time Your Team Put e-Ink to e-Paper

E Ink Paper

The best tools for efficient concept work enable teams to write or design by hand using digital ink on electronic paper and automatically capture content. They provide choices with what to do with the content such as centrally store it, share it, scan through pages of it, keep it displayed on an “always-on” device for further contemplation, or continue to collaborate on it at any time. This type of tool would help reduce loss and speed time to solution.

All companies are looking for that next big, innovative idea that brings value to customers and disrupts the status quo. If your team’s way of conceptualizing isn’t as efficient or effective as it could be – ideas are lost, time is wasted trying to use technology, or they’re simply not exploring ideas through written expression – try an upgrade to the tools in your workspaces.

Get Your Hands on Quilla, Now

QuirkLogic’s Quilla connected eWriter provides an experience of ink on paper like no other and offers the power of digital. Low power consumption permits the “always-on”, ready-to-use persistent content teams need. It’s lightweight at 22 lbs, has lift-and-go mounts, and runs on wireless with battery operation. Additionally, Quilla’s ecosystem manages content in sharable workbooks and automatically saves content to a central library. Companies can now maximize their spend on huddle spaces with tools specifically designed to support conceptualization and ideation.

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