CES 2017 Go Or No Go?

QuirkLogic CES 2017

CES the Consumer Technology Association’s show is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It’s where tech guru’s from around the world gather for four days, in Las Vegas, to see the latest and greatest in innovation and technology.

So where do we fit in? We’re not a robot, we’re not a drone, we’re not vehicle or fitness technology, nor gaming or VR. However, we have an innovation that is helping to establish a new eWriter market space. Quilla is a digital writing tool that uses innovative E-Ink technology to help improve planning and brainstorming sessions for teams, both in the office and in remote locations. We think it’s pretty cool, but will everyone else think so? While the team has launched many products in it’s history each one was unique and so, was CES right for Quilla? Will we be noticed among the 3,800 exhibitors? This is what we contemplated when we weighed the cost vs. gain of attending.

Clearly, if we were going, it was going to be a go big or go home decision.  For Nashir Samanani (QuirkLogic cofounder and CEO), this is his third start-up with two successful companies behind him, so he knows what he’s doing. His message to his team was…GO AND GO BIG…so we did. And so it began.

Media Results

It kicked off with our press release on January 3rd, 2017, to introduce Quilla – the World’s First Connected eWriter. The release was quickly picked up by 107 media outlets including Yahoo Biz, Ask.com, Daily Herald, and Canadian Business Journal. Plus, news outlets from cities across the US like Arizona, Dallas Morning News, and the LA Daily News. And from there, things moved quickly. TechCrunch and Engadget were two of many that picked up on the news and wrote articles. ZDNet listed us in the Top 10 tech products revealed at CES 2017 so far. And the show was still 2 days away.

The media buzz had started, so far so good, but would people visit our booth?

Our booth.

What was key here was working with a great booth company that had a local presence. Anything that required fixing or adjustments were quickly and easily handled. What we had was a space that enabled us to showcase so many of the different capabilities of the device so people understood it was much more than just a whiteboard replacement.

Our visitor expectations were surpassed, Quilla captured the attention of thousands of attendees from so many different industries.  Big companies, as well as designers, agencies, and car companies from around the world dropped by.  We had a rock star team from the office there holding conversations and doing demos, and as people saw more of the product capabilities the conversations got really exciting. They were coming up with new ways we’d never even thought of that they could use it for. Quilla was making an impression.


CES 2017   CES 2017

Behind the scenes, social media continued to spread the word…news about QuirkLogic’s Quilla traveled globally with tweets in many languages.  Images and videos of Quilla and its functionality started a tweeting frenzy. It was pretty exciting. Our social media reach was incredible, with big help from tech leaders like TechCrunch that stopped by for video and listed us in the Top 5 fascinating things they saw at Showstoppers during CES 2017. Charbax stopped by and took a big video that toured the booth and brought to the Internet a visual of so many of the features we talk about.

CES 2017

So back to the go or no go?

CES 2017 was definitely a good “go” decision for us. It’s exposed QuirkLogic, Quilla and eWriters to millions of people on the internet and thousands came by to try it hands-on. We couldn’t be happier with our product launch and the great response we received. Thanks to everyone for your excitement and support. We’re now following up on the impressive number of leads we’ve received from companies who are interested in our Early Adopter Program. The results are in…there is a better way to do the EVERYDAY with Quilla – your Connected eWriter. Stay tuned!