Choosing The Right Technology For Conferences And Events

Choosing the Right Technology For Conferences and Events

Prospective clients of rental and staging AV providers seeking event space generally have plenty of options. Utilizing the right tools can deliver them the superior experience that leaves their event participants satisfied and your clients wanting to come back for their next event, which ultimately leads to more revenue.

Technology can be a major headache for event planners and attendees alike. It can malfunction at the most inopportune time, be difficult to use, and prove to not be as effective as expected. Technology not only needs to be intuitive, secure, easy to use and accessible, but it should also help inspire creativity and be instrumental in delivering high attendee satisfaction – a common measure of event ROI.

One way to stand out from the competition is to offer your clients higher-quality presentation tools that encourage collaboration and make their meetings and events more efficient. Digital writing devices ensure secure content that is never lost and offer portability so participants can bring their work with them as they move into breakout sessions. They also eliminate mess by eliminating the need for supplies like whiteboards, paper flipcharts, and markers.

Quilla™ is an ideal solution for not only sharing information with large audiences but also enabling collaboration and interaction with the content as it’s presented. Using Quillais as easy as picking up a pen and writing or sketching. Its powerful battery allows clients to work all day wherever they want, without worrying about the clutter of cords or needing to find a power source. Attendees can even take all their notes and work home with them on a USB drive.

To find out why you should add Quilla to your event planning offerings, book a personalized demo.