Ideation, The New Way To Brainstorm, Is At Our Core

Ideation with Quilla

People have been ideating for centuries to create solutions to difficult problems, but the word ideation is undergoing a revival. For QuirkLogic, ideation is part of who we are. It’s the core of our business, as Quilla™ offers the ultimate ideation solution for brainstorming and collaboration in real-time.

Ideation existed at QuirkLogic long before the first Quilla device rolled off the production line. It began years ago when founder and CEO Nashir Samanani and his team began to explore how to facilitate workplace collaboration and innovation. One glaringly obvious shortfall became apparent.

In conference rooms and huddle spaces equipped with the latest technologies, people still gravitated toward physical whiteboards and flipcharts ever present in these spaces.

This means that great ideas, designs, and plans remain confined to that whiteboard or piece of paper. Workers often erase content too soon, sometimes capture it on camera, and rarely retrieve it. Teams are unable to start from where they left off, share, or archive. With a growing necessity for remote collaboration, mobility, and agility in today’s global economy, Nashir envisioned a better way. He, along with CTO Mike Mabey, started QuirkLogic.

Ideation Requires Simplicity

Ideation is a fluid process, but technology often gets in the way. Whiteboards and flipcharts have persisted for decades because of their simplicity and walk-up-and-use characteristics. There’s no power button or set-up. You just pick up a pen and begin writing. Enter Quilla™ — a modern, digital alternative to whiteboard and flipcharts. A Quilla device is always on, not stuck permanently to a wall or tethered to a cord, or useful only indoors. Users simply walk up and use it with no interrupted thoughts.

Upon the launch of Quilla this year, QuirkLogic introduced an innovation that’ll eventually replace traditional whiteboards and flipcharts altogether. Quilla minimizes setup and fades collaboration complexity into the background. Simply pick up a pen and begin to ideate to design that next breakthrough solution or plan. Teams focus on ideas, rather than figuring out how to make the technology work. With the full power of digital at your fingertips, users can collaborate in real-time, across office and global boundaries. They can connect multiple devices and remote users to collectively produce content and ideas.

You can view this video to learn more from CEO Nashir Samanani.