Inspired By Creative Uses: InfoComm 2017

Quilla Creative Uses

This June in Orlando, the power of digital conquered analog tools like whiteboards and flipcharts at InfoComm 2017. Creation, ideation, collaboration, and innovation were on full display the QuirkLogic booth, where Quilla showcased its creative uses and ability to excel in several situations faced by today’s gig economy. Remote collaboration across locations, connected displays for workplace innovation, and individual user ideation were just a few of the capabilities shown to the likes of Amazon, Intel, and PepsiCo. InfoComm’s slogan this year was ‘Be Inspired’, so we sought to inspire with our digital writing solution. However, what inspired us were the conversations with people from so many industries, backgrounds, and countries.

Discovering Uses for Creativity and Collaboration

Tradeshows are an excellent place to network and see the latest innovations, but InfoComm was an unexpected learning opportunity. We were exposed to a variety of industries, and as demos continued, we came across countless use cases where Quilla provides value:

  • In construction, engineering, and architecture, users can take advantage of Quilla’s content management system to recall and store changes made to charrettes, drawings, and construction sets.
  • Web designers and digital media consultants can design campaigns while collaborating in real-time with clients.
  • Healthcare and education professionals can make use of multi-display and multi-user connectivity to bridge information between administration and educators or doctors.
  • Hotel and tourism corporations can reduce costs and improve efficiency by replacing outdated flipcharts with a portable, digital alternative.
  • Sports teams can generate templates for playbooks and continually edit and store that invaluable content.
  • Accelerator and incubator spaces innovate faster and inspire the next generation of technology.

InfoComm was both encouraging and educational. We conveyed purposeful value while collecting beneficial insight into the many practical uses of Quilla. In summary, Quilla is a whiteboard with computer functionality, as opposed to a computer that functions as a whiteboard. The components of creation, ideation, collaboration, and innovation that come standard with Quilla coalesce into an elegantly simple solution.


Quilla is available now in North America, so order yours today! For more information, take a look at our recent Press Release or Request a Virtual Demo.