Papyr 1.7 - Available Now

Papyr 1.7 - Available Now

The all-in-one reading and writing device just got better! Check out the newest features added in the 1.7 update. 


Infinite Bookmarks 

 Create bookmarks anywhere in the infinite canvas.

Navigate through larger canvases with ease by outlining bookmarks to select interest points in your workbook. Going to the bookmark will automatically zoom in on the area of interest. Access all of your bookmarks from the contextual menu. Return to your previous view with a single tap.


Annotate directly in Book Reader

Conveniently annotate PDFs directly in the Book Reader application.

Book Reader annotation capabilities include the ability to annotate with a pen or highlighter with options to customize color and line width. Includes an undo/redo function.⠀ 


Increase productivity with PDF Hyperlinks

Navigate quickly to different sections of your workbook with just a touch.

Go to your desired page quickly using relative links in PDF documents that are imported via the Papyr device. This is very useful with documents with a linked Table of Contents or in calendar documents with linked month and day pages. Return to your previous page with a single tap.


Other Changes Include:

  • Sharing Enhancements: Copy and create new workbooks and folders within directories that were shared by a different user.
  • Faster Library: Papyr now caches library directories for faster navigation.
  • Lock Screen View: Prevent inadvertent view changes on the infinite canvas by selecting the new toolbar lock icon.




Should you have any questions, require any assistance, or if you have feedback for us, please email