Portal 2.4: Share and manage content more efficiently

Portal 2.4: Share and manage content more efficiently

Our latest Portal update is taking the effort out of staying organized

Update 2.4 has made the user experience of the InkWorks portal even more intuitive and user-friendly. The update gives greater visibility on workbook share status, easier drag and drop content management functionality, greater flexibility in file sharing, and a contact list for quicker collaboration.

Take a closer look at each of these updates below:

Status Column

An icon will now indicate if a file has been shared. You will see this directly to the right of the workbook name in the "Status" column.

Users are also able to manage collaborators and permissions for files and folders by clicking on the “Shared” icon, and sort based on shared status by clicking on the "Status" column heading.

Drag and Drop Content Management

File management is as easy as drag and drop:

Add Content to Shared Folders

Users added as collaborators to a folder will now have permission to add workbooks to the shared folder.

Contact Lists

Users can now create and manage a contact list from Account Settings. Collaborators added to a workbook or folder are automatically added to the list and will appear as an autofill option for future workbook sharing.


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