QuirkLogic Enhances Remote Collaboration With IOS App For Quilla Connect

Quilla Connect

New app seamlessly connects Apple devices to the world’s largest portable digital writing solution, drives innovation through contributions from remote meeting participants

CALGARY, Alberta--November 21, 2018--QuirkLogic®, the company helping organizations drive innovation by connecting people and content, today announced it is enhancing remote collaboration with the availability of an iOS app for Quilla Connect™. Quilla Connect is the companion app for Quilla™, the world’s largest portable digital writing solution that enables meeting participants to contribute to collaboration and ideation sessions no matter their location.

Quilla Connect for iOS helps companies drive innovation by allowing remote participants to use any iPhone™ or iPad™ to connect to the Quilla ecosystem through a secured cloud service. With improved access through mobile devices, organizations can spontaneously source and develop ideas from employees and partners working collaboratively.

About Quilla Connect and Quilla

With Quilla Connect, remote participants involved in meetings that require collaboration and brainstorming can easily and seamlessly connect to, engage and edit content on Quilla in real-time. Through an easy-to-use interface, remote users can connect to Quilla documents, designs and workbooks to view shared pages and participate in annotating them in real-time from anywhere. At the end of a session, files are securely stored on the cloud and can easily be exported as a PDF.

More than a digital writing device, Quilla enables teams in multiple locations to create and collaborate in new ways, formulating, capturing and sharing content-rich ideas in real-time, speeding up problem-solving and reducing time to innovation. This uninterrupted creativity helps companies develop faster product launches, hold more efficient meetings and brainstorms, cultivate more unique and creative designs and better engage clients and partners.

Quilla Connect is available for download now on the Apple App Store. For more information on Quilla and Quilla Connect, please visit: www.quirklogic.com. To schedule a demo of how Quilla helps to accelerate innovation and improve collaboration, please contact us.

About Quilla

Quilla is a portable, lightweight digital writing solution that combines the largest battery-operated interactive screen and the familiar writing experience of pen and paper. With Quilla, no longer are your company’s best ideas anchored to a wall, chained to a wire or captured on personal smartphones. Quilla is always on and ready to use so it can move effortlessly with you – no matter when or where a great idea strikes. The best ideas aren’t bound to a conference room, that’s why Quilla is designed to follow the conversation, even outdoors in bright sunlight. Just grab a Quilla, pick up the pen and write or sketch.

About QuirkLogic, Inc.

Founded in 2013, QuirkLogic helps teams to drive innovation by connecting people and content to facilitate collaborative, real-time ideation and effective solutions to your most challenging problems. The company’s flagship product, Quilla, is the leading real-time ideation solution designed to support the creative process. The solution consists of the world’s largest mobile digital writing devices linked to a proprietary and secure cloud-based collaboration and storage platform. Companies in various market segments including design, architecture, construction, technology, healthcare, and education have turned to QuirkLogic to modernize how they work together to brainstorm, strategize, organize and develop their creative thinking, all of which is the genesis for corporate strategy and innovation. For more information, visit www.quirklogic.com; also follow QuirkLogic on LinkedInTM, TwitterTMand FacebookTM.

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