Setting Up A Successful Ideation Session

Setting Up A Successful Ideation Session

At QuirkLogic, we are passionate about ideation, an approach to brainstorming that places a greater emphasis on participation, creativity and accountability. A productive ideation session can help organizations achieve actionable business results including faster product rollouts, improved customer experiences, breakthrough designs or more rapid development advanced technology solutions.

While some brainstorms lead to the creation of a Tesla or an Airbnb, others end with no apparent results. So how can you set your organization up for more successful ideation sessions? Here are some ways to be sure your sessions produce new ideas that drive your organization forward.

Invite the Right People

Like a great dinner party, a successful ideation session relies on inviting the right people. Identifying those attendees is no easy feat, but traits such as comfort with contribution and cognitive diversity can point moderators in the right direction.

Give it Time

Brainstorming, if done properly, takes time. Each step of the ideation process should provide participants and stakeholders with enough time to carefully think through the task at hand. And, one ideation session is never enough.

Choose the Right Tools

The right tools ensure the team spends their time on ideating rather than on figuring out how to capture, save and share their ideas. Using tools that don’t work when you need them like markers and complicated video equipment actually hurt the process instead of helping. The good news is that there are tools, like Quilla™, that not only work, they help to support productive brainstorms.

Quilla™ is a large format digital writing device and ecosystem for real-time ideation. Quilla modernizes how people work together to brainstorm, strategize, organize, and develop their creative thinking, all of which is the genesis for corporate strategy and innovation.

Facilitate a Dialogue

With the proper tools in place, the moderator must lay the groundwork for a productive session by reminding the group of the goals for the session and offering a quick review of relevant research, background documents or outputs previously produced by the team in other sessions.

Choose the Path Forward

Brainstorming is not a finite moment in time, it’s really just the beginning of the ideation process. A successful session may yield a few great ideas, but without follow up there’s seldom a breakthrough product or solution. A moderator should arm participants with the means to continue the conversation to ensure momentum continues and ideas move forward.

For more tips on facilitating successful ideation sessions, download our eBook Five Ways to Facilitate Successful Ideation Sessions.

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