The Power of the Pen

The Power of the Pen

Writing and drawing have been around for tens of thousands of years, and there’s a reason for that.  History has shown that innovations typically start on some type of writing surface.

It has also been shown that writing influences your brain, improves your memory and makes you smarter. According to studies performed at Indiana University, the mere act of writing by hand unleashes creativity not easily accessed in any other way. Humans have even developed a unique region of the brain for recognizing and processing written words, the Visual Word Form Area (VWFA), and another region for the motions of handwriting.

The Indiana University studies found that children do not develop adult-like brain responses to letters until they have learned to write the letters physically. This does not include writing through typing, visual study or even tracing. This shows that the act of drawing is the key to reading and written language comprehension.

The evolutionary advantages of writing go beyond languages and learning. The very act of drawing triggers another section of the brain, which raises your attention level and helps with forming clear fluid thoughts. This happens for both the person writing and the people watching.

All of this is proof that there are definite cognitive advantages to using a pen when brainstorming and collaborating on ideas. This is the reason group brainstorming surfaces are still often based on simple drawing and writing tools – whiteboards and flipcharts have remained virtually unchanged for over 65 years.

But this is the 21st century – our tools should not be holding us back. Our need for analog activities should not conflict with our digital capabilities and advantages. While there have been attempts to replace whiteboards and flipcharts, these technologies are often complicated and don’t get used as ideation tools.

At QuirkLogic, we believe the ideal tool for brainstorming is a drawing surface that incorporates all of the advantages of digital technologies. We developed Quilla to leverage humans’ innate need to create and collaborate using a simple, “walk up and use” device that provides a paper-like writing experience. Quilla’s robust technology and inking ecosystem enable teams in multiple locations to create and collaborate in new ways; formulating, capturing, and sharing content-rich ideas in real-time.

QuirkLogic’s digital writing solutions have modernized the role of the pen and paper in the digital world. See Quilla in action, check out this video.