WebApp Update

WebApp Update


We've updated our WebApp and it's better than ever!  With exciting new features such as full screen mode, undo and redo buttons, multi-page preview and more, we're helping you take your favorite Papyr experiences across all your devices.

Here's what you can expect from the update:

Full Screen Mode: Utilize the entire browser screen canvas for your workbooks

Brand New Toolbars: Two new toolbars have been added, one on the left hand side, and one on the upper left of the screen for easy access

Updated Zoom and Content Fit Options: Easily toggle between multiple zoom states, including Fit to Width, Fit to Height and Refresh options, so you can choose the best state for your project

Undo and Redo Buttons: With added Undo and Redo buttons found int he left side Toolbar, you can draw and create without worrying about mistakes

Add and Delete Page's: Quickly update documents with Add and Delete Page options

Page Preview Update: Enjoy full page preview options directly in the collapsible left hand Tool Bar to quickly scan through multiple pages

PDF Drag and Drop: Quickly add to existing documents by dragging and dropping in PDF files

You've always enjoyed the ability to use Inkworks across all your devices, and with these newest updates, the experience will be more seamless than ever.


Should you have any questions, require any assistance, or if you have feedback for us, please email success@quirklogic.com.