What's New at QuirkLogic! - April 2020

What's New at QuirkLogic! - April 2020

We heard you. We delivered.

The QuirkLogic team has been working hard enhancing our digital writing solutions and powerful InkWorks ecosystem to ensure we continue to deliver valuable solutions to the market. Here are a few of the recent highlights:

Recent Updates

• Web App Beta- Our digital inking ecosystem just got bigger! Our new Web App Beta is now available through our Portal and allows users to view content and annotate using any PC or MAC. Easily share it out using 3rd party communication tools for more engaging collaboration sessions!

• Mobile App - Our iOS and Android Quilla Companion apps provide more enhanced functionality to connect your team for real-time collaboration anywhere.

Expanded viewing/sharing options - Easily connect to additional screens via an HDMI kit or using Chromecast for additional viewing options. Users can now email content directly from our devices for quick sharing capability.

Color viewing capabilities - Choose red, blue, or green ink or a yellow highlighter. These features will enrich the content and the documents viewed using our Quilla Connect Companion apps, connected LCD screens, or any exported documents.

Coming Soon

Papyr 13" device - We are thrilled to be adding a new addition to our digital writing devices. Papyr is our new 13" ePaper based personal device designed to take your brainstorming on the go. Find out how you can be part of our Beta Program: https://www.quirklogic.com/collections/products/products/papyr.

Want to see these new features in action? Get a live in-depth product tour on all of the new capabilities of Quilla and our digital inking ecosystem, or contact us to give it a try in your own space. For more information, contact customersuccess@quirklogic.com.

Stay tuned for the exciting new features and additions coming soon!