The Realization of an Idea

At QuirkLogic®, we believe that innovation is the lifeblood of an organization and every great innovation begins with writing down ideas. To get there, companies spend millions of dollars to modernize their meeting spaces, move to more open concept offices and fuel innovation, collaboration and creativity. Yet the tools they use to actually help innovate and capture the big idea are still decades old.

It was upon this idea QuirkLogic and Quilla™ were born, but our story began years ago with Nashir and Mike. They’ve been working together as a team for the last 30 years and have successfully taken several companies from an idea to successful business including EraSoft and Elluminate. Over the years their teams and solutions have supported corporations and educational institutions that touched millions and have been widely recognized by the likes of Fast Company, Gartner, E&Y, Microsoft and many others.

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The Founders

Nashir Samanani

Nashir Samanani is founder and CEO at QuirkLogic, where he leads his team to discover new ways to do the everyday. He is a serial technology entrepreneur with executive office experience and a proven track record of launching award-winning start-ups that grow to market-leading businesses with high customer retention.

With over 25 years of technology and hands-on business experience, Nashir is a strategist with talent for discovering untapped opportunities and introducing new products that disrupt the status quo. He is passionate about delivering high customer value, not just the next cool thing.

Prior to QuirkLogic, Nashir was co-founder and CEO of Elluminate, a provider of SaaS collaboration solutions to hundreds of academic institutions, corporations, NGOs, and government agencies worldwide. Now a part of the Blackboard portfolio, the technology still commands a market-leading position. He also co-founded HotStart Technologies, a start-up accelerator, and served as co-founder and CEO of EraSoft, which was later acquired by Viasoft. Both Elluminate and EraSoft earned recognition as global market category leaders under Nashir’s leadership.

Nashir enjoys involvement in not-for-profit organizations, focusing on strategy, sustainability, and governance. He has served as Chair of the United Way of Calgary and Area. He has also served on the Mayor’s task forces to minimize poverty and homelessness in Calgary.

He is a computer scientist by training and graduate of the University of Calgary.

Mike Mabey

Mike Mabey is founder and Chief Technology Officer at QuirkLogic, where he oversees creative innovation and all technical aspects of getting great products in the hands of customers. He has a 20-year history of successfully leading challenging, large-scale technology endeavors, and in partnership with Nashir Samanani has launched over half a dozen globally used products.

Mike co-founded Elluminate, where he was responsible for the company’s technology vision and implementation from inception to acquisition. He built and led teams that created the award-winning Elluminate Live! real-time collaboration software, including a proprietary Collaborative Communication Framework, virtual room management systems, and integration with key enterprise systems.

As a result of Elluminate’s acqusition, Mike became Vice President and CTO for the Collaborate division of Blackboard, a global edtech market leader. He oversaw product development and global hosting for a suite of business-critical cloud services that saw double-digit growth and usage in over 175 countries.

Mike was also co-founder and CTO of EraSoft Technologies, which was acquired by ViaSoft. There his product line quickly became the industry leader in its class—growing from concept to over 70% of the global market share in under 36 months. Mike’s teams’ products at Viasoft won numerous awards, including the coveted Windows Winlist and PC World’s Best Buy.

Mike and Nashir were recipients of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for Canada’s prairie region.

Fun Facts

The Team