Papyr is a collaborative ePaper based digital writing device designed to easily capture, store, and manage your thoughts, ideas, notes, and critical information in one place and take it where you go. It is fully integrated into our powerful Inkworks™ by QuirkLogic platform enabling real-time collaboration with a paper-like writing experience.

Yes, as this is updated frequently, please contact for the most recent version.

The device has 16 GB of flash with a user file storage capacity of 11 GB.

You can purchase replacement nibs on the Quirk Logic site here.

You can use third party folios designed for a 13.3” epaper device. The actual dimensions of the Papyr are 303 x 224 x 6 mm (12 x 9 x 1/4 inches). We recommend using a folio with a separate compartment or pen slot.

The stylus does require charging. Simply use the accompanied USB cable to connect it to a PC or power adapter.

At this point, we only support the Papyr stylus with the device.

The Papyr and the stylus both use the supplied USB to micro-USB cable for charging.

Files saved directly on the Papyr device are stored in a proprietary format. Documents stored in our InkWorks platform are transferred securely using an SSL tunnel between the Papyr device and the InkWorks system.

Currently our system supports PDF, PNG and JPG file formats.

Currently we do not support converting handwriting to text.

Yes, you can use Papyr as a non-WIFI connected notetaking device with all the files saved locally. To transfer files from the device, you will need cloud connectivity.

Functionality Questions

Technically there is no limit to the number of users who can collaborate on a shared workbook. The owner of the file can determine who it is shared with, along with what permissions they have for interacting with the file (read, write, or share).

Yes, you can import PDF documents into the library, and use the Papyr for reading them.

You can export in PDF, JPG and PNG format. You also can use the “Email Me” function to send a PDF document directly to your inbox. With the QuirkLogic Connect mobile app, you can export/import PDF documents to any program to which you have access to on your mobile device.

Both PNG and JPG files can be imported into a workbook, and effectively will become a background for the page.

Yes, you have the ability to export and “email to me” which will send the file in PDF format to your associated Inkworks platform email address.

Yes, you have the option to export a workbook as a PDF choosing to save the ink as annotations. This file can then be reimported, allowing users to interact and edit the ink annotations once again.

Yes, any PDF imported into Papyr or Quilla can be marked up using the editing tools.

Yes, from the Papyr main menu, users have the option of using our split screen view. Each side is independent, and users can load different workbooks (or the same one) on each side.

Yes, notes taken using the color options on the Papyr will be exported in color even though they display in grayscale on our devices.


Please see our full Return/Warranty policy here.

Your receipt will be sent to the email address used during check out once the order has been completed. Please check your junk/quarantine folders if you do not see it in your inbox. If you are unable to find your receipt, please contact us at

There is no charge for essential use of InkWorks software. In the future, there will be multiple licensing options for even more advanced capabilities. You can sign up for free here.

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