Papyr is a 13” ePaper based digital writing device designed to easily capture, store, and manage your thoughts, ideas, notes, and critical information in one place and take it where you go.




Constantly evolving to meet your needs

All-in-one E-Reader: Read, write and work in sync with your team

Landscape orientation: Choose to read or work in either Portrait or Landscape mode to fit your project

Side-by-side view: Stay in flow with Side-by-Side View. Pages will flip in cascading style when in this mode

Offline mode: Work seamlessly regardless of connection

Custom templates: Optimize your device and import pdfs to your template library for quick access at any time

Integration: Download and upload books and projects with Google Drive and Dropbox

Book Reader Annotations: Conveniently annotate PDFs directly in the included Book Reader application.

PDF Hyperlinks: Navigate quickly to different sections of your workbook with just a touch. Go to your desired page quickly using relative PDF document links.

Infinite Bookmarks: Create bookmarks anywhere in the infinite canvas. Navigate through larger canvases with ease by outlining bookmarks to select interest points in your workbook. Going to the bookmark will automatically zoom in on the area of interest.

Sharing Enhancements: Copy and create new workbooks and folders within directories that were shared by a different user.

Real-Time Collaboration Comparison

Papyr Other Tablets
Google Drive and Dropbox integration
Secure cloud backup
App for Windows, Android and Mac OS/iOS
Send by Email
Screen Share
Data is captured and stored in real-time
Files can be accessed from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Papyr or Quilla through Inkworks
Work in sync with team members, anytime, anywhere, regardless of distance or device
One login for all devices
Work offline or on wifi

Store in a secure cloud-based library with Inkworks

Inkworks Solution

Your collaboration hub

Multi-device access

Automatic cloud storage

Technical Specifications

Size and Weight

12 x 87/8 x 1/4 inches
12.3 oz/349 g


13.3" display screen
1650 x 2200 dots, 207 dpi
Electrophoretic display, PCAP touch


USB-BusPower, Rated Voltage 5.0V
AC adapter based
Lithium rechargeable battery

Stylus Pen

Tip switch, built in rechargeable battery


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, MIMO,
Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz


16 GB flash, file storage capacity 11 GB