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QA Test Engineer, Calgary, Alberta

We are looking for a QA Test Engineer to join our first-class team engaged in bringing an amazing new product to market. The key to being successful in this position will be interaction with other analysts and developers to understand product requirements through writing test plans, test cases and test developed components.

  • Identify performance and other non-functional requirements and review their suitability and testability
  • Develop and maintain testing documentation with test case descriptions, expected and actual specifications and results
  • Recommend test tools and influence the selection of test methods that adequately test the system
  • Identify risk areas, understand performance requirements, estimate response and throughput characteristics, and anticipate growth capability for a project
  • Perform technical assessment of the feasibility of the performance requirements in light of the outline system architecture


  • Strong understanding of Web services (RESTful API, NGINX, Apache, NODEjs)
  • 6 to 8 years experience in a QA role
  • Educational background in software dev’l (BSc. preferred) or related experience
  • Ideally proficient in code automation deployment and testing technologies (Junit, Jenkins, Puppet, etc.)
  • Strong interpersonal and reporting skills, ability to work autonomously within a team environment
  • Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL based databases such as PostgreSQL and Couchbase
  • Experience in non-functional testing: performance, stress, load and high-availability testing

Backend/Full-Stack Software Engineer, Calgary, Alberta

We are looking for a Backend/Full-Stack Software Engineer to join our first-class team engaged in bringing an amazing new product to market. The key to being successful in this position will be your innovation, passion for new and interesting work, and your ability to meet deadlines. You will need to have a solid foundation of object oriented software development and demonstrated experience with Java, Javascript as well as server-side development experience. Creating unit tests and attending stand ups should be part of your daily routine.


  • Design and build new server-side or web UI components
  • Analyze defects and implement solutions for fixes
  • Write unit and system level tests
  • Perform and submit code reviews


  • 3+ years software development experience with a strong understanding of server-side concepts and technology
  • Knowledge of Node.js
  • Proficiency in git source control
  • Experience building distributed backend RESTful SOA system and API via Node.js
  • Experience with databases like NoSQL and CouchDB
  • Knowledge of unit and system level testing, and how to make your code tested and testable
  • Understanding of object oriented analysis and design
  • Understanding of fundamental concepts like promise, callback, Json, hashmap, recursion, asynchrony, concurrency, event, OOP, blocking/unblocking

Additional Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience of cloud platforms, i.e, AWS
  • Experience of message queue framework, i.e, rabbitMQ
  • Experience of cryptography algorithms, i.e, Node.js crypto
  • Experience in React or other modern JavaScript UI frameworks to build feature-rich responsive web UIs

Embedded Systems Engineer, Calgary, Alberta

We are looking for an Embedded Systems Engineer to join our first-class team engaged in bringing an amazing new product to market. You will be responsible for electronics engineering design of new systems and circuits, and the extension and support of existing systems, including component selection, embedded firmware design and implementation, schematic design and PCB implementation.


  • Define firmware test requirements and processes to ensure product meets customer and reliability requirements
  • Translate high-level product requirements into technical hardware and embedded firmware specifications
  • Develop embedded software solutions for new and existing products
  • Design, test and debug embedded hardware designs
  • Perform schematic capture and circuit simulations to define and verify the suitability of a design
  • Be involved in selection of integrated circuits and peripherals
  • Communicate with suppliers and vendors to evaluate and approve electronic components and processors for custom display systems
  • Design for EMC and Safety compliance and understanding of current standards
  • Participate in project planning activities, and provide work effort estimates as a member of an Agile Team
  • Participate in high level design reviews with other team members, including review of schematics, mechanical drawings, reports and other design documentation
  • Participate in prototyping, validation and test plan development.
  • Partner with Application Software Engineers to integrate test code into prototypes, to test and validate functionality
  • Work with the QA team to review, investigate, troubleshoot, and fix hardware related issues

Required Qualifications:

  • Education: Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering degree or equivalent
  • 5+ years of relevant embedded system design experience (including C or C++ programming)
  • Experience with battery powered embedded consumer devices
  • Proven record of successfully delivering complex embedded systems to production
  • Experience with Real Time Operating Systems such as FreeRTOS or Embedded Linux
  • Proven proficiency in communication bus logic (SPI, I2C, UART, TCP/IP, USB)
  • Experience with common embedded systems IDE platforms such as CCS or IAR
  • Experience with MSP430 and Cypress PSoC or similar devices
  • Strong digital hardware design knowledge
  • Experience using soldering equipment and building prototyping PCB assemblies
  • Experience effectively using laboratory equipment and microcontroller debuggers to aid in development
  • Experience with Altium Designer
  • Working knowledge and experience of safety and EMI/EMC specifications, standards and practices
  • Experience with product certification (CSA, UL, CE)
  • Ability to work with minimal instructions or directions
  • Well organized, good time management and ability to work on several parallel projects
  • Good verbal and written communications skills

Additional Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with Wireless communication (ZigBee, 802.11, Bluetooth), Switch Mode Power Supply design, and PCB layout and design
  • Knowledge of how to perform electrical signal characterization, specifically to ensure EMI/EMC compliance
  • Previous experience in development of FPGA firmware

Senior Hardware Validation Engineer, Calgary, Alberta

We are looking for a Sr. Hardware Validation Engineer to join our world class engineering team. You will need to have formal engineering education, proven experience in designing and using test equipment and automated test equipment, and a good knowledge of developing and utilizing test interfaces for analog, digital and embedded systems. You will also bring superior problem-solving skills and independent decision-making ability. The role includes the ability to manage and produce the product validation requirements and work with the product development engineering team to design and develop the testing needs for our product suite.

You will be involved with both the Quality Assurance and Engineering departments and compliance coordination between both, and will need some level of experience with certification and compliance of electronic devices. Good written and verbal communications skills are a must.


  • Perform product validation and verification of hardware
  • Develop tests and debugging tools and methods to analyze the functionality of embedded systems
  • Develop validation plans, test procedures and test cases to validate new and existing products
  • Design jigs, fixtures, and automated test stations to support product development and manufacturing
  • Develop firmware, scripts and applications to automate tests of the hardware
  • Work with product design engineers to develop system validation and hardware verification requirements
  • Stay on top of modern hardware verification and validation technologies and methodologies
  • Analyze all products to identify any manufacturing defect and resolve all hardware issues in coordination with product development engineers
  • Work with the CM to ensure that test plans, validation procedures are correctly managed and conveyed
  • Prepare production test processes, develop test plans and prepare product test reports
  • Develop hardware acceptance test procedures to ensure coverage of system requirements
  • Prepare for and conduct system test coverage and hardware verification reviews
  • Assist in determining the safety and EMI/EMC compliance requirements of the product and communicate between the Quality Assurance/Compliance Team and the Engineering Team to ensure that products will be designed and tested against these compliance requirements
  • Ensure compliance of new products to electrical safety and EMI/EMC standards


  • Education: Electrical Engineering degree or equivalent
  • 5+ years’ experience in embedded systems validation and hardware verification
  • Proven programming experience C/C++
  • Proven experience with Linux and Android
  • Experience with battery powered embedded HW and SW consumer devices
  • Experience designing HW interfaces including digital and analog building blocks
  • Experience in failure analysis and troubleshooting skills
  • Experience with test automation with a background in scripting
  • Electrical circuits schematic design: system control, electrical metering and instrumentation for embedded systems
  • Experience with engineering change processes and related engineering approval workflows
  • Strong interpersonal skills, ability to implement innovative strategies to foster team collaboration
  • Ability to work with minimal instructions or directions
  • Well organized, good time management and ability to work on several parallel projects
  • Ability to utilize test instruments for hardware verification, such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, DMM's digital/analog
  • Experience with bringing a Safety and Emission compliant product to market

Additional Desired Qualifications:

  • Electrical signal characterization experience
  • Experience with Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Familiarity with I2C, SPI, UART and USB interfaces,
  • Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio and Altium Designer
  • Strong scripting experience (i.e. shell, Python, etc.)
  • Experience with LabVIEW