Meet Quilla - A Complete Solution Designed for Real-Time Ideation


Breaking down the barriers to amazing innovations means supporting ideation where and when it happens.


Boundless Collaboration

Today's modern teams aren’t confined to the four walls of an office.

From shared workspaces to remote staff - from huddle rooms to global offices - the way we work has evolved. Yet many still use the same dated tools that restrict the way information can be created and shared or are just too difficult to use.


Boundless Inspiration

Great ideas can strike at any time.

No matter where you are – at the water cooler, in the boss’s office, in an open space – Quilla lets you ideate in a familiar way, by putting pen to digital paper. It captures ideas instantly, making them available anywhere so you can pick up the conversation where you left off, or share your designs, concepts, and strategies with others.

Help your team be boundless with Quilla™ -- the world’s leading large format mobile digital writing solution designed from the ground up for real-time ideation.

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See it in action.

Moving Beyond Boundaries

How tools have evolved from “basic capture” to optimized for collaborative ideation




It all started here. Still on every wall and in every room, and so intuitive to use. But is there enough space, who took a photo, who will transcribe?



Laptop and

Great for presenting slides and documents on a large screen, but only one person can drive content changes, by typing or mouse only.



Electronic Whiteboards
& Digital Wall Systems

Can capture big ideas, but LCD/glass experience, hard to start, & tied to a room. Boards designed for 1-way instruction now largely abandoned in corporate spaces.

Built for
Modern Teams


Quilla Real-Time
Ideation Solution

Inspiration ready, when and where ideas strike. Familiar feel of pen and paper, so ideas simply flow. Remote-user friendly for live, collective ideation.

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Paper-like Writing and Sketching

Writing tools are powerful - they engage your mind and fuel creativity. Quilla™ combines the familiar writing experience of pen and paper with a portable, lightweight digital display that doesn’t feel like glass. Just pick up a pen and go. It’s always on, ready to use, and your content is automatically saved as you write.

With Quilla connected to the ecosystem, you can simply log in and gain access to your library. Pick up where you left off. Or, import documents and images to mark up. It’s not complicated – there’s no setup.


Collaboration Without Complexity

Collaboration generates stronger ideas, yet our remote workforce is often side-lined to listen and watch.

Quilla™ lets you digitally share your ideas and connect with co-workers for real-time content creation. Team members in different locations can create and collaborate on content in real-time with synched Quilla devices or using Quilla Connect™ on a smartphone or tablet. Take Quilla down the hall for a brainstorm in the breakroom. No matter where you work, you'll have what you need, when you need it.

Portable with an
Unlimited Canvas

Portable with an Unlimited Canvas

Quilla™ helps you be boundless. No longer are your team's best ideas anchored to a wall or chained to a wire. Quilla is a portable, thin, lightweight digital writing device with 16 hours of continuous battery life. With no glass and no reflection, it even works in direct sunlight. With multiple connected Quillas, you can cascade or span your content, plus zoom and move without hitting page edges. Create unlimited pages for boundless creativity. Free your thoughts.


Secured Content, Secured Ideas

Don't let your best ideas walk out of the room in notebooks and as photos on personal devices, get seen on a wall, or even get erased. Quilla is connected to a proprietary cloud-based platform that allows you to manage, organize, recall, and share content the same way you’d manage other valuable IP assets – centrally and securely.
Workbooks and pages help organize content and reduce visual clutter. Permissions enable controlled sharing and access to protect valuable ideation property.



42” large and still runs for 16 hrs continuous on battery.


Secure content

Content is auto saved and securely stored during the ideation process to protect intellectual property



Runs on WiFi so you can move it around the office and take it wherever you need.

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Quilla™ for real-time ideation

Technology that fades into the background so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas.

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“We arrived in our co-working space with Quilla, and in 10 minutes we were ready to rock ‘n roll. Quilla is super easy and intuitive. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to use it.”

- Theresa Jelderks, Chief of Staff + VP Programs, Technology Association of Oregon

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