Solutions for Real-Time Ideation


Are you providing the right tools for ideation?

The workplace is changing both in terms of office design and people.

Quilla digital writing device

  • Huddle rooms and shared workspaces encourage collaborative problem solving.
  • Remote staff, workforce mobility, and millennials are now a new normal.
  • People are coming and going - valuable corporate knowledge gets lost or leaked.

Tools to enable modern teams haven’t evolved to meet new ways of working together.

Or, they're too complicated to use.

There IS a better way – with Quilla™

The world's first digital writing solution for real-time ideation

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QL eWriter

Creative Inspiration

Writing tools are powerful and they engage your mind. Writing on Quilla™ feels familiar like paper and pen. Just pick up a pen and go. It’s always on, ready to use and your content is automatically saved as you write. Our personalized experience allows you to login and gain access to your library. Pick up where you left off.

It’s not complicated – there’s no setup.

Connect with Others

It’s true, working with others helps our ideas get stronger, yet our remote workforce is often side-lined to listen and watch. With Quilla™, share your workbook to connect with others for real-time content creation. Walk down the hallway and bring up your content to review and share, or brainstorm in the breakroom. Finally, what you need, when you need it, where you need it.

Connections that matter.

QL eWriter

Expand your Space

Quilla™ helps you go beyond the boundaries that hold us back. It’s no longer anchored to a wall or chained to a wire. Quilla is a thin and light eWriter with 16 hours of continuous battery life. With multiple connected eWriters you can cascade or span your content, plus zoom and move to go beyond page edges. Unlimited workbooks and pages for unlimited creativity.

Free your thoughts.


“We arrived in our co-working space with Quilla, and in 10 minutes we were ready to rock ‘n roll. Quilla is super easy and intuitive. It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to use it.”

- Theresa Jelderks, Chief of Staff + VP Programs, Technology Association of Oregon

Quilla™ for Real-Time Ideation

Technology that fades into the background so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas.

Explore Product Facts

QL Quilla

Walk Up & Use

• It’s always on
• Just walk up and start inking
• Feels like paper
• Automatic Saving

Intelligent Connection

• Share workbooks with others
• Real time content creation with remote users
• Connect across multiple devices
• Instantly cascade or span your content

Like Paper With the Power of Digital

• Touch to erase, resize, copy or move content
• Unlimited pages and workbooks with space beyond the edges
• Import images and PDF’s to review and annotate
• Intuitive design with discoverable contextual menus

Move it to where you need

• Thin and light (22lbs)
• Custom on/off wall mounts
• Minimal power consumption
• Up to 16 hrs continuous battery life 

Always Visible, Always Retained

• Persistent content visible for review
• Secure centrally managed library
• Pick up where you left off
• Organize faster with tagged workbooks

Write smoothly on epaper

Quilla offers advantages over LCD whiteboards. Learn more in this presentation.

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