Why we’re the industry favourite

"The best writing experience of any tablet now."

– JB Glossinger (The Morning Coach)

"The use of this for meetings is an absolute game-changer."

-Kit Betts-Masters (Gorilla Physics)

"The overall note taking experience is exceptional."

– Good E Reader

The ease of analog meets the power of digital.

QuirkLogic software is packed with productivity enhancing functionality to optimize and streamline how you work. Our devices are always on, simple and easy to use.

Digital writing devices provide a paper-like writing experience using ePaper technology

Glare-free surface is easy on the eyes for extended use

Long battery life for ultimate mobility across meeting and collaboration spaces

Real-time collaboration in any environment: indoor, outdoor, and non-traditional spaces

Mobile, lightweight, and wireless so you can engage anytime, anywhere

Powerful Inkworks platform enables interaction with digital ink across multiple devices

Everything is connected. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.

Harness the power of InkWorks to access your files on the go, collaborate with remote teams, and work off any WIFI connected device.

Data is captured and stored in real time. Never lose a thought or important note again.

Files can be accessed from your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, Papyr, or Quilla.

Work in sync with team members regardless of distance or device.

Enterprise ready single sign-on solution

A weight off your shoulders.

All of your notebooks, textbooks, thoughts and plans in one convenient place.

Weight 12.03oz

12 x 8 7/8 x 1/4 in

1650 x 2200px

Recapturing human expression while solving modern productivity problems.

Read, review, and write as you always have – with pen and Papyr. Our digital inking products offer the simplicity of analog while packing the power of digital technology, providing cloud storage, instinctual editing capabilities and real-time collaborative functionality.

Digitize your notebook and reduce your paper consumption.

Trade paper for Papyr and make a positive impact today.